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The Academy for Sports Dentistry first offered this course in San Antonio at the 2002 annual Symposium which also marked the Academy’s 20th year anniversary.  The chief focus of the course was to provide Dentists the basic knowledge and expertise needed to fill the role of a Team Dentist. This course was created under the direction of Dr. Enrique Amy with the help of many of our members.  The course addressed specific situations and problems encountered in various sports, basic principles of injury prevention, how to start a mouthguard program at the local level, guidelines for, and to be able to fabricate a properly fitted mouthguard, identifying and providing diagnosis and treatment of various dental problems, as well as doping issues to name a few topics.

Our current course director Dr. Byron Blasco has been working along with a committee of ASD members to update the course to offer all the latest information needed for the Team Dentist.

Major League Soccer (MLS) currently requires all Dentists affiliated with their teams to have completed the Team Dentist course offered by the Academy, and if that trend continues, other professional leagues may follow to ensure their team dentist is very highly qualified to care for their athletes.  
We are proud to, once again, lead the way in sports dentistry in order that our members have available to them, the most current knowledge and training to provide the utmost care for all athletes, of all ages, in all sports.

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