President’s Message


Since I became the President of the ASD on August 8, 2020, many of the activities in life that we love to do have been put on hold. We are so blessed to have chosen a profession that enables us to continue to help our patients during these difficult and unprecedented times. I understand that many of you may still have restrictions on what dental procedures you are allowed to carry out and I hope that you will be able to return to regular operations soon.   

I have two separate texting groups with very good friends of mine who are members of the ASD. We have helped each other to get through this past year by sharing our concerns, ideas, and many good laughs! I am so grateful to have made so many great friends over my past 25 years with the ASD. I understand that many of you have affiliations with sports teams at all age levels (either as a Team Dentist, a fan, or a coach) and now your participation with sports may look different or be non-existent at this time. You are not alone! If you ever just want to talk to one of your ASD colleagues or board members, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.  

Not surprisingly the past several months has been challenging for the ASD as well. First of all, we held our first ever Virtual Symposium and Virtual Annual Business Meeting on August 8, 2020. Every fall the ASD Board gets together in person (often in Chicago) for the fall board meeting. I have always found these meetings to be very productive for the ASD. This past October we were forced to hold board meeting virtually. Although we missed out on the in-person camaraderie, I feel that the meeting was very effective.  

Recently, under the guidance of Mr. Jim Whitehead, the ASD has embarked on developing an updated Strategic Plan which will carry us through the next several years. We have a lot of challenges ahead of as all as we work toward the goal of increasing our membership numbers and strengthening the ASD. Please email or phone me if you have any ideas that you feel will enhance the ASD. By the time you are reading this report you will have likely received a member survey via email. We truly value your opinions. I believe that our members are the strength of the ASD and we look forward to hearing from you.  

Sadly, the ASD Board has made the disappointing decision, but we believe the correct decision, to cancel the 2021 in-person Symposium in Portland. Currently, there are too many uncertainties regarding travel and other restrictions so the 2021 Symposium is going online for the second year in a row. Dr. Jared Mosley was appointed the Symposium Chair; he is currently contacting the speakers and arranging the other details along with Sandi Steil and Jan Aument. Dr. Howard Edelman will again be organizing an on-line Auction. The success of these events is dependent on you. We hope that you will be able to participate in the symposium. We greatly appreciate any donations for the auction and hope that you will please consider making a contribution.   

Remember, your fellow ASD members are always here for you!

Hans Stasiuk, BSc, DMD, FASD