President’s Message

As 2023 is well underway, ASD is making many great strides toward furthering our market and name recognition. This is happening because of many great members working hard to represent ASD. Here is a partial list of current activities:

 2022- Paul Nativi and Howard Edelman- presented to NATA on sports trauma and prevention. It was well received, and attendees gave them high reviews.

Dec 2022- Fellows Drs. Steve Mills and Emilio Canal, Dr Lance Thompson, MD, DDS, and Steve Birnbaum, MLS pro soccer player for the DC United, completed a webinar with the American Dental Association discussing sports dentistry.

Jan 2023- After a 9-month effort, ASD and EA4SD cooperatively completed a comprehensive athlete screening exam form that can be used for data collection and publication.

Jan 2023- Wayne Nakamura, Kent Ochai, Daryn Nakamura, Jared Mosely, Kris Rappold, Steve Mills, Justin Chi, and Jose Torres went to Colorado Springs, CO to provide mouthguards and further enhance the ASD/USOPC relationship. In addition, Justin Chi and Jose Torres who work with Glidewell Laboratories which donated many of the materials and equipment used for the services.

Jan 2023- ASD’s Annual Sessions committee established a partnership for the Nashville Symposium with Paul Goodman of Dental Nachos. Dental Nachos is an online dental forum for dental professionals from around the world and has over 43,000 online followers.

Feb 2023- Danette McNew and Chair of the Research Committee and ASD the board, approved a research grant to ASD member Leonardo Nassani at Ohio State university to examine: “Impact Absorption Power of Polyofin Fused Filament 3D Printed Mouthguards: In Vitro Study.”

Feb 2023- Hans Stasiuk (President-elect) was interviewed on Facebook’s Dental Nachos page and also was on Sirius XM satellite radio promoting the ASD, the Nashville Symposium, and sports dentistry.

I am truly grateful for the hard work and efforts of our many members above, as well as Jim Whitehead, Kate Cole, and Sarah Kragness for helping to improve our organization. This is a time we need as many former and current members to continue to promote our Nashville Symposium and the goodwill ASD provides to our communities.

I hope to see you in Nashville!

Xavier Gutierrez, DDS, FASD