President’s Message

What an exciting opportunity it is to serve this great organization. When I started in the Academy in2006, I quickly found out that there were high-quality people in ASD. People that wanted to know about you and help you grow. Through the years, many of you have mentored me and helped me navigate this world called sports dentistry.

We find ourselves on the heels of a pandemic and gathering in person at the 2022 ASD Global Symposium was not only a blessing to me personally, but hopefully encouraging to the group as a whole.  The past two years have been a challenge for us all. Who would have thought that something we cannot see could slow down our world. If nothing else, the COVID-19 challenge taught us that people, relationships, and our personal interaction is vital to our existence. This organization is no different. Covid-19 has slowed us down but as we start to gain momentum, including meeting in-person in Portland, we need all of us to pull together. We need our legacy members, we need our new members, and our members who are in between. It is time to look forward and not back. We all have had our challenges and experiences but the great thing about this organization, is that we care about what we do. We may not all see things the same, but I know, WE know, we care about what we do. We love what we do. This is why we are involved with ASD. 

Portland provided the privilege to connect with new and familiar faces.  The weather was beautiful, the restaurants were bountiful, majestic snow-capped mountains rimmed the horizon, and we had great company and conversations. It simply was nice to be together again. One forgets how special it is to share thoughts and laughter with our colleagues.  We heard from many great speakers from all around the world. Refreshing and Inspiring perspectives of what our colleagues are doing in the world of sports dentistry. 

As we move ASD forward, let’s remember what makes this group great and continue to propel this ship in the right direction.  I truly appreciate this opportunity to serve the Academy for Sports Dentistry.  I hope to see you all in Nashville 2023!

Xavier Gutierrez, DDS, FASD