About the Academy For Sports Dentistry

The Academy for Sports Dentistry was founded in 1983 in San Antonio, Texas, as a forum for dentists, physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, dental technicians, and educators interested in exchanging ideas related to Sports Dentistry and the dental needs of athletes at risk to sports' injuries.

Activities include the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and the encouragement of research on the prevention of dental injuries to athletes.

The Academy boasts an international membership of over 600 members, many of whom are former athletes involved in a wide variety of research activities or with a strong interest in this field of study.

One of the Academy's most important activities is hosting an annual meeting comprised of scientific sessions and a business meeting focusing on this growing healthcare concern. During the meeting a half day course on the fabrication of professionally diagnosed and designed custom made mouthguards is held. At that time each participant fabricates the different types of custom mouthguards recommended by the Academy.

With the current interest in fitness and sports, an ever-increasing number of individuals are participating in a wide range of sporting activities. While fast moving contact sports such as football, rugby, ice hockey, martial arts and basketball are considered the highest risk for facial and head injuries, soccer, field hockey, baseball, racquetball, and squash also have the potential to cause dento-facial or temporomandibular injuries.

The Academy's mandate is to welcome interested colleagues from all healthcare disciplines to promote the advancement of research/development and education in this field.

Membership in the Academy is at cost of $210.00 for annual dues (US Currency). Reduced fees are available for athletic trainers, students, and affiliates. If you are interested in membership please refer to the membership application page. Membership benefits include a reduction in registration fees for the annual symposium, a subscription to Dental Traumatology the official Journal of the Academy for Sports Dentistry. The Journal is published six times per year and will include the ASD newsletter three times per year. In addition you will have access to copies of the "Emergency Treatment of Athletic Dental Injuries" card and the new Academy slide presentation. The Academy for Sports Dentistry in conjunction with the American Dental Association has just produced a revised mouthguard brochure.

For more information contact:

Kate Cole
Executive Secretary
Academy for Sports Dentistry
PO Box 358
Isanti, MN 55040
Phone: (612) 440-7125
[email protected]