The FDI World Dental Federation has recently released four “toolkits” dealing with sports dentistry. These toolkits are targeted at four different constituencies who have a particular interest in sports, athletes, and athlete health and safety. These publications were developed by the FDI Sports Dentistry Task Force. 

The first toolkit is aimed at sports organizations and gives a great overview to different clubs, schools, teams and larger organizations on how important oral health concerns are in sports. This is the largest of the four toolkits and is really a small booklet. It deals with everything from overall oral health, to mouthguards, to proper nutrition, and much more.

Guidelines for dentists and sports medicine physicians 

The other three are designated as “brochures” on the FDI World Dental Federation website and apply to amateur athletes, elite athletes and finally for dentists and sports medicine physicians and other medical personnel. These are clear and concise with great photos and graphics, and they give the reader important and understandable information for them to use.

Guidelines for elite athletes 

Guidelines for amateurs 

Toolkit for sports organizations