USOC Dental Volunteer Program


ASD and the USOC to Partner for Olympic Athletes

The Academy for Sports Dentistry is pleased to announce our involvement with the United States Olympic Committee Volunteer Dentist Participation Program. The program is eligible to roughly 1,000 TEAM USA Athletes who reside and train throughout the USA.

As a member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry you can fill out an application to be considered as an approved provider for eligible Team USA Athletes. The eligible athletes will be referred by the USOC to the dentists who are accepted into the USOC Online National Medical Network Provider Database. This referral process will assure that only the appropriate athletes are utilizing the service.  In addition, the USOC will encourage athletes to follow-up with their appointments once the appointments have been made.

Dentists who are approved to participate in the program will also be considered for volunteer opportunities at TEAMUSA events.