President’s Message  

Dentistry and particularly Sports Dentistry has been evolving, changing in different directions and I feel we will be encountering some very interesting times in the near future. I desire to represent this society in a manner of flexibility yet based on the solid foundation it was built upon. I am sitting in the shade of a tree planted many years ago….I realize I am the product of those I have met and have been mentored through. As well, I am reminded that ASD leaders support one another. I only have to look around and see all the leaders still actively involved!

Our Leaders have been servant-leaders ……specifically they have been dedicated and trustworthy stewards! Trustworthy often means little more than showing up, simply being ready and available, in season and out of season. That’s what the faithful do. They keep showing up! This reminded me in 1995 when Cal Ripken, JR brought the sports world to its feet by breaking a record that many people thought would stand forever—a record set by Lou Gehrig in 1939. It was not a display of speed, accuracy, homeruns or strength but yet again on Sept. 6, 1995, Ripkin showed up again just as he had 2,130 consecutive times before. The applause went on for 22 minutes! And he stood, humbled and circled as he looked at the stadium and then went over to embrace his family. What a great moment in history and yet I see this occur with our own leaders of the Academy! 

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